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Movementum Realty is a buyer's agency that understands selling and buying properties requires two different skill sets. In the instance that our clients need to sell their home, we work to pair them with the best listing agents possible so their home can be sold fast and for the most money possible. Choosing the right specialist for this is the difference between for sale and sold!

When selling a home, one of the most important decisions you will make is what agent to list your home with. This can be a confusing task, deciding who is the right agent, and why are they the right agent for you. The most common mistake people make when choosing an agent, is to choose a person just because they are related or are a friend. Other reasons are based on how popular the agent is and how common it is to see their name, or because they were the easiest to find on the web. 

By first choosing to go to a referral agent like Movementum Realty, we take the stress and guess work out of the process. The first step of our process is to do a thorough consultation where we review all the important details. After that, we use our resources and make a selection based on who best fits your home and has the client basis needed to sell it. Once we have located the correct agent, we organize a meeting and make sure they are a good fit for you. At this point, lots of agencies will step back, but this is where Movementum's true value becomes apparent. 

During the entire process, we will do all we can to help promote and sell the property. We will ensure that the other agent is maximizing exposure of the property online and will make suggestions when needed to help the property sell. If there are any issues that pop up, we are available to act as an arbitrator to make sure the deal stays on track and that the property gets sold. 

The real question you are left to ask yourself is, "Why would I not have a referral agent if this process is at no direct cost to me?"

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