Repairs You Should Make Before Selling a Home. We get a lot of questions regarding what a homeowner can do to the home before they sell it. This week on the podcast we touch on some of the tasks you can do on your home to make it more presentable and possibly get you a bit more money at closing. A few of the items to help make your home more presentable are mowing the lawn, edging the walkways, pulling weeds from beds, trimming the bushes, and cutting back some low tree branches. Inside the home you want to make sure the doors and windows are in working order and clean. Painting rooms, ripping up old stained rugs, sanding and finishing hardwood floors, and making sure the basement is clean if applicable. Some sweat equity in the long run will show the the new buyers that you took care of the house. Other task included in the podcast are what about kitchens and bathrooms. Our agents are here and are more than happy to help you get the home ready to be sold. Contact us today if you are looking to sell your home we can tell you what is going to help get your home sold.