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About Movementum Realty

Movementum Realty is a real estate agency specializing in Real Estate on the South Shore of Massachusetts. We pride ourselves on professional transaction management, taking the stress of deadlines and obligation off the client, allowing the client enjoy the entire real estate process. We handle everything from groundwork to paperwork and are right beside our clients at every appointment and inspection.

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Real Estate Agents

Movementum Realty is hiring both experienced and new agents, and anyone interested in becoming a licensed real estate agent to join its Hanover, MA sales office that serves the entire South Shore. We are looking for agents who would like to take their real estate career to its highest level. We offer in-house training to make sure our agents know the business inside and out. We also provide in house study assistance for those interested in becoming a licensed real estate agent. The company believes in marketing the brand and creates company driven leads that are distributed to agents in a round robin style. Broker and owner, Shawn Moloney, is always available to all Movementum agents to ensure that you feel comfortable about EVERY transaction.

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Agent Operations Coordinator

Movementum Realty’s most valuable assets are our “Move Mentors” and our employees. This job’s main goal and function is to offer better support to our agents allowing them to do more business in a successful manner. Your daily routine will be overseeing a group of agents ensuring they are organized, learning, growing, and sharing with us. You will be involved in their daily actions and helping them better use all the Movementum Realty benefits we offer. In this role you will be involved in everything from going to the actual events to adding it to the agent’s calendars to ensure they attend. In this position it is crucial to ensure the agents always understand the value you provide and not see working with you as a chore.

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