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When buying or selling a home in an area you are unfamiliar with, you should never go about it alone. Local laws may be different than where you currently live, so ensuring you are paired with the right agent is crucial. Movementum Realty's expert staff can do all the leg work to match you with the right agent. Whether you are looking to buy a penthouse in New York or to sell a vacation home in Belize, we are here for you.

By choosing to go to a referral agent like Movementum Realty, we take the stress and guess work out of the process. The first step to our process involves a thorough consultation where we review all the important details. In some cases, we will even travel ahead of you to meet and interview the agents as well as vet the properties to ensure your time is well spent. After that, we consult our resources and make a selection based on which agent best fits your exact needs and has the local insight to guide you. Once we have located the correct agent, we organize a meeting and make sure they are a good fit for you. At this point, lots of agencies will step back but this is where Movementum's true value shows. 

During the entire process, we will do all we can to help, whether it means cross promoting your property or constantly sifting through listings to find you the perfect match. We will make sure that the other agent is maximizing their efforts to reach your goal and we will make suggestions as needed. If there are any issues that pop up, we are available to act as an arbitrator to keep the deal on track.

The real question you are left to ask yourself is, "Why would I not have a referral agent if this process is at no direct cost to me?"

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